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We actually work actively on the deployment of 5G networks and related services. 5G not only permit to transfer large video files at high speed, but mainly, 5G is used for multiple devices


connecting. Each connected device means a a new contract, an additional service for operator. Thousands of devices will be connected instead of new customers.

  • 5G allows to transfer voice traffic to IP-based technologies (SIP IMS protocol).
  • The infrastructure is built from virtualized software, which allows to deploy new services quickly.
  • The software permit to connect loT devices via the NB-loT protocol (the connection directly to the operator devices). This type of connection is used to implement projects of a national scale: to manage transport networks, railway transport, airports, freight and passenger traffic. As well as through the LoraWaN protocol is used for the building of separate networks for individual customers: municipal electric, water, gas networks, companies involved in urban lighting, garbage collection.
  • Regarding the frequency range for 5G, modern base stations can broadcast in this range. Activation is performed at the software level.

Due to its high potential and the number of connections, 5G networks will surpass considerably the corporate and private user networks, as they will include billions of devices.

If we talk about global trends, until now, the development of mobile technologies (4G, for example) was carried out at the expense of mobile operators, since the number of customers did not grow remarkably after 2010.

But the development of 5G technology will cause the growth of the abonent base due to connection of numerous devices.

This will be a powerful motivation for modifying mobile networks, in which both mobile operators and equipment manufacturers will actively join in, since this technology will require more dense placement of base stations, their capacity.

Experts predict LoraWan will own 5% of the current market, and NB loT – 30%.