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Smart Gas Infrastructure gives access to data like gas pressure levels, pipeline corrosion protection status to prevent unsafe conditions, and provide automated monitoring.

Protection Monitoring System collects hourly data from test stations and rectifiers throughout system and alerts immediately of voltage drops, breaches and power failures.

Smart Gas technologies allow to streamline business operations, provide daily information and proactively assist customers in managing their accounts.

Remote Gas Disconnect System gives the ability to quickly and remotely shut off gas, whether it’s for instances of high or low pressure; rising temperature, such as a fire; or simply managing service disconnects when residents move out.

Smart Gas Infrastructure technology permits to reduce operational costs for meter reading, save in fuel and equipment.

Smart Gas Infrastructure gives access to the right data at the right time to maximize service and operational efficiency, give visibility and control over entire distribution network, assure the safety of pipeline assets, allows to shut off service remotely, whether for a service disconnect or a potential safety concern.

Data on entire distribution network is at your fingertips.